Book of the month


Confessions of an Economic Hit Man
by John Perkins

This is a great book for those who haven't yet bricked themselves in to a McMansions, content to watch the thing play out on wide screen.

Where is all the trouble coming from? Who are these crazy people that blow themselves up in planes, trains and automobiles - and why? We get rumours of oil company connections, rigged elections and freaky Islam but the rest is smoke and mirrors.

John Perkins lays it out (see book report) Be warned, he has a slightly grandiose view of himself, I guess that's the least of his sins if he's who he says - an NSA sponsored Economic Hit Man.

Suffer John's grandiosity and let him join the dots - read it to the end and he'll even explain why Wolfowitz in now head of the World Bank and Dick Cheney still draws a wage from Halliburton.