PALESTINE - by Joe Sacco

In PALESTINE Joe Sacco combines gonzo journalism with cartooning to reveals a whole world of stuff about Israel and Palestine I never knew.

Its impact on me was similar to when I first read BAREFOOTED GEN. I'm use to cartoons dealing with dumb-ass stuff - not seeking to explain large institutions or intractable conflicts.

Joe Sacco is the money.



In short David Brock explains why western democracy resembles a media scrag-fight.

How does he know?.

Until recently David was a print journalist and professional hatchet-job guy for America's far-right, counting Anita Hill and Bill Clinton amongst his scalps - but mid career, at the height of his powers, David had a road-to-damascus experience and renounced his evil ways.

BLINDED BY THE RIGHT is a big book which would have taken real courage to write.

David, if you read this - I love you man.